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At Haring Realty, we’ve earned a reputation of excellence and professionalism through 30+ years of investing in our agents, our community, and our customers. We offer a System of Success ideal for both new agents and seasoned pros.

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As a child, Melissa dreamed of becoming a real estate agent. In 2008, she made that dream a reality when she became a licensed Realtor. Melissa enjoyed her work as a Realtor but it wasn’t until joining Haring Realty in 2014 that she saw her career take off. Since then, Melissa’s career has blossomed thanks to her hard work, persistence, and the resources provided by Haring Realty.  In 2017, Melissa was recognized for achieving her multi-million dollar sales goals, and she currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Mansfield Association of Realtors. For Melissa, joining the right team for her has made all the difference.

Our culture nurtures success.

At Haring Realty, we live by a few core principles. Agents that align with our values thrive in our system.

  • We value our reputation more than the transaction
  • We are highly productive, self-motivated and driven
  • We are positive, enthusiastic and engage confidently with others
  • We are committed to constantly seeking ways to improve our value to our customers
  • We follow the golden rule and believe we work best as a community

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After retiring from the Ohio State Highway Patrol in 2006, Bob took on the role of Executive Director for the American Red Cross of Richland County until 2010 and then served as the Executive Director of the United Way of Richland County until 2014. As someone who always enjoyed team building, interacting with people, and helping others with problem solving, a career in real estate made perfect sense for him. Bob lives out Haring Realty’s values of caring, professionalism, and integrity every day.

We have a system for your success.

We empower our agents to do what they do best by giving them the time and resources to achieve consistently high levels of success

The 3 Part System


Our proven, exclusive 60-day training program gets you on your feet fast. You’ll have the opportunity to sell and earn while you train.


Our full-time staff focuses on the administrative details so you have more time to develop your business and to invest in what matters to you.


At Haring Realty, new agents have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned pros who offer support and mentorship along the way.
Trisha has always loved real estate but it wasn’t until she and her husband finished renovating their first home in 2010 that she knew she it was the career for her. From that point, beginning her career in real estate was all about timing. With two young children at home, Trisha could never find quite the right time to transition her career. She continued working in the banking industry, frustrated with the lack of flexibility in her schedule. By the time Trisha had her third child, being at home full-time with her family became a necessity. As she continued to dream of a career in real estate, Trisha became acquainted with Haring Realty and discovered that it was a great culture fit for her. She knew she wasn’t ready to re-enter the workforce just yet but was impressed with Haring Realty’s patience in making sure that she would be able to find a good work-life balance when she was ready to start her new career. Trisha finally got her real estate license in October 2017, when her fourth child was a little bit older. Since then, Trisha has found great success with Haring Realty and just as much success balancing her work and home life.

And there's more...


We provide our agents with exclusive access to the top real estate training platform in the nation. Our sales team gathers weekly to collaborate, strategize, and learn from one another.


We continually invest in cutting-edge marketing and state-of-the-art technology to provide our agents with advantages like professional photography, virtual 3D tours, personal agent websites, and social media support.


We remove overhead for our agents by not charging desk fees, and our broker doesn’t sell which provides you with more leads and a higher level of earning potential. From the start you’ll have the opportunity to access incoming leads from multiple sources.
After retiring from General Motors after 27 years, Russ made the decision to pursue his passion of real estate. Russ became a licensed Realtor in 2012 and within 4 years of his career change, he was one of the top 10% of Realtors doing business in Richland County. He attributes his impressive level of success to the support that he’s given by Haring Realty including the exclusive TV show, unique marketing resources, and full-time office staff. With Haring Realty, Russ found success after retirement and most importantly, he truly enjoys his work.

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